Drive every patient interaction in your hospital, with medical intelligence

Sarah, your virtual hospital assistant not only saves cost with intelligent interactions, but helps doctors and other staff to be more productive, while improving patient experience

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Meet Sarah, your hospital assistant from

Sarah is medically trained

Sarah, brings the medical knowledge and patient context to every patient interaction, 24x7 and 365 days. 

saveS cost & increaseS revenue

Sarah not only saves cost, but increases your hospital revenue by optimising the appointments

Sarah's skill-set

Active Speech

Sarah, can speak and listen, just like your receptionist. Sarah's speech recognition capabilities are powered by a unique contextual intelligence developed by

Natural Language Understanding

Sarah has an amazing natural language capabilities that not just make her understand simple requests, but she can even be empathetic about the patient's concern 

Medical Knowledge

Sarah is trained as much as a General Physician is .trained in medical knowledge. Sarah uses this only to understand the concern of the patient, but never gives medical advice.

A glimpse of sarah's voice capabilities

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next generation speech

Sarah boasts of a next generation speech technology which is more context driven and highly accurate compared to a generic speech recognition technology 

Integration is a breeze

Whether you have an IP-PABX solution or a regular telecom operated landline, we can enable Sarah in a matter of few minutes

multilingual capability

Sarah knows over 5 languages and is rapidly expanding into the new languages. Learning new languages is a breeze for Sarah

no more peak times!

Sarah can even handle a thousand calls at the same time. So, you have no more peak time calling and excessive customer wait times.

What does sarah exactly do?

REceives calls

Sarah can receive calls your practice gets on your central helpline and answers them automatically. Answers over 70% of the queries autonomously

Books new appointments

Whether patient comes with referral or directly, Sarah understands the patient's exact needs and books appointment with no human intervention

modifies appointments

Sarah, can autonomously do rescheduling of appointments in just under 3 minutes while with human receptionists it's 12 minutes on an average

answers patient enquiries

Sarah can answer a lot of typical patient enquiries related to doctors / consultation charges / timings etc., and can cover up to 80% of such queries

calls patients to remind

The effectiveness of text messages to patient, reminding appointments is very poor and Sarah can simulate your receptionist in calling patients to change that at fraction of that cost

Follows-up with patients

Sarah can autonomously follow-up with patients on the recovery of the patients and their willingness to come for the further treatment

The most forgotten technique
to increase Revenue

Most of the hospitals try different techniques like getting more advanced equipment, calling the best doctors to visit the hospital, setting up advanced laboratories, but yet forget the easiest, most effective way of increasing revenue to hospitals, PATIENT ENGAGEMENT

Patient Engagement is a series of activities that hospitals perform which make the patient feel the concern you show to improve their health. It starts from the very first step when patient calls the hospital/clinic for the first time, when they have to wait for 10 minutes just to hear the first word "Hello" from the receptionist. It is evident in the way, you call patients about the upcoming appointment when they booked it in advance and have a chance of forgetting. It is in the way, your non-clinical staff resolve all the queries or concerns the patient have. Scores of such activities are what makes a patient engagement truly worth remembering for patients and the word of mouth generated from this patient experience is what can increase the revenue of the hospital.

But this is easier said than done, as it involves hiring well trained medical workforce that's both compassionate and knowledgeable. These people are not just difficult to find, but are a big number on your P&L. That's why we introduce you to "Sarah", who is exactly like your veteran well trained medical work force and gives you a fresh new way to improve patient engagement and thereby revenue.

What does sarah do differently?

instantaneous response

The first dissatisfaction for the patient happens from the very first moment they call the hospital central line. The typical average wait time is around 6 minutes before patients connect to the agent / receptionist

better experience at lower cost

A typical booking appointment call lasts for 6 minutes and reschedule call lasts for 11 minutes in a hospital. Sarah can handle these calls in as little as 2 - 3 minutes, autonomously and efficiently

Customised to the use case

Every transactional activity performed by Sarah is customized to the medical concern of the patient as Sarah is medically trained and optimizes the resources based on the vast understanding of hospital operations

Our customers span from individual health practices to biggest hospitals

When it comes to patient engagement, health practices from a doctor run individual practice to a billion dollar tertiary care hospital have this concern of balancing patient experience and the cost incurred in enabling this. Hence hospitals agnostic to the size and category are loving our product! We are proud to be associated with some of the best hospitals in their space.


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