Simplify your practice through Artificial Intelligence

Whether you run a 100 bedded multi-specialty practice or your own individual practice, can save you upto 40% of your operational cost, increase your revenue by upto 45% and above all, can give 10X better experience for your patients.


Hire our AI chatbot at a fraction of the cost of your support staff

Our chatbot can perform multiple duties like a customer support personnel, answering patient queries, like a receptionist, booking appointments with the correct doctor, like a junior doctor, collecting the basic patient case and many more. Imagine your personnel from these departments working 24x7 without taking a single holiday and giving instant responses! That's the amount of work you can get done from praktice bot

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Why do you do all of these for your patients?

  • Why do you need to make your hospital look so nice?
  • Why do you need to keep magazines and Televisions in the lobby?
  • Why do you need to have a call center for your hospital?
  • Why do you have a great informational website and update it regularly?
  • Why do you need to keep posting on social media regularly?
  • Why do you need to keep health library for your patients?

It is all about patient experience! As word of mouth is the only effective marketing in healthcare, you strive your best to provide a good patient experience. But above all, are you able to give answers to all queries for your patients before they meet the doctor? Are you able to give quick and instant responses to your patients, when they call on your central number? If not, that point should come above all of these!. And praktice bot can make it 100 times easier for you

Always improving

Every product of is developed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at its core. With every user interaction, our product keeps learning and knows how to handle more scenarios. With every new command, it pumps up its Natural Language abilities, making it the fastet growing healthcare conversational agent

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Global Product is not made for one country or one geography. Health centers of all stages, all geographies and all countries can vastly benefit with the addition of praktice bot to their team. Whether you don't have any EHR solution or you have an advanced EHR solution, can integrate and permeate into your organization

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