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Whether you run a 100 bedded multi-specialty practice or your own individual practice, can save you upto 40% of your operational cost and increase patient retention by upto 45%.


The Complete Communication Suite For Healthcenters enables an automated and smooth communication between each stakeholder in your healthcenter, from helping staff till the clinical incharge. It knows everyone's role in your healthcenter and from the time, when patient starts discovering about their health problem till their health condition is cured, automatically apprises each of the hospital staff involved in the most intelligent manner.

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It's time to Ditch Traditional methods

Do you remember how much time did the set-up process of any your previous or existing hospital softwares take? And how much time did your EHR or Hospital Management System setup take? Apart from what you pay as installation cost to the software provider, you are totally forgetting the cost of time, you and your employees spend for days (sometimes weeks) in setting up things. Unknowingly you spend upto 50% extra apart from what already these software vendors are charging you for installation. Your servers and other on-premise infrastucture costs you a bomb too.

With's revolutionary plug-and-play technology, it's as easy as unpacking and plugging a new laptop. We have done all the hardwork for you already and even better, we don't charge any installation cost. And all of this lies in cloud and apart from their mobiles hospital staff needn't use a single additional piece of hardware.

Always improving

Every product of is developed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at its core. With every user interaction, our product keeps learning and knows how to handle more scenarios. With every new command, it pumps up its Natural Language abilities, making it the fastet growing healthcare conversational agent

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Global Product is not made for one country or one geography. Health centers of all stages, all geographies and all countries can vastly benefit from our product. Whether you don't have any EHR solution or you have an advanced EHR solution, can integrate and permeate into your organization

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